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Suprasorb® A and A + Ag

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Non-woven calcium alginate dressing for heavily exuding wounds

Suprasorb® A

Calcium Alginate Dressing

The high exudate absorption capacity of Suprasorb A promotes wound healing. The absorption of wound exudate causes the exchange of sodium ions with calcium ions, forming a gel. Bacteria and debris are trapped in the gel, creating a moist wound environment.

Suprasorb A not only promotes wound healing but also offers a high degree of comfort due to its exceptionally soft structure and ease of packing.

For the care of non-infected superficial or deep wounds with high levels of exudate.

Indications & Contraindications


  • arterial ulcers

  • venous ulcers

  • diabetic ulcers

  • skin graft donor sites

  • pressure ulcers

Wound healing stages:

  • Exudation phase

  • Granulation phase


Do not use in the case of a known sensitivity to any components.

Clinical Evidence

EWMA Conference

Efficacy of different wound dressings on artificial plaques of fibrin

The "usual" foam dressing showed the lowest reduction of fibrin. The best reduction in this test was demonstrated by the water and polihexanide containing biocellulose dressing (PHWD) as well as significantly better as the cleansing solutions.

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Suprasorb® A + Ag

Antimicrobial Calcium Alginate Dressing with Silver

Suprasorb A+Ag is an antimicrobial alginate dressing for critically colonised and infected wounds.

The natural absorption capactity of alginate makes this ideal for wounds that are heavily exuding. Suprasorb A+Ag absorbs wound exudate and forms a soft, gentle gel, meaning it easily conforms to any wound bed. With the known broad antimicrobial efficacy of silver*, bacteria is trapped and killed within the gel.

Suprasorb A+Ag is available as both a flat sheet and as a rope dressing which can be used in cavities.

*See instruction for use for in-vitro spectrum

Available in:

Aliginate + Silver Dressing (10 singles) 5 x 5cm

Alginate + Silver Dressing (10 singles) 10 x 10cm

Alginate +Silver Dressing (5 pieces) 10 x 20cm

Alginate + Silver Dressing rope 2g (5 pieces) 30cm

Suprasorb® A + Ag Indications and Contradictions


Suprasorb® A + Ag Indications

Heavily exuding wounds that are superficial or deep (including cavities), infected or at risk of infection. E.g. pressure ulcers, venous/arterial leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-operative wounds, skin donor and skin grafting sites.


Suprasorb® A + Ag Contradictions

Do not use in the case of a known sensitivity to any components.

Dressing change interval:

  • The intervals at which Suprasorb A + Ag must be changed are determined by the treating physician. Depending on the level of exudate, the wound dressing can remain on/in the wound for up to 7 days.

Order codes

Suprasorb® A Dressing

Alginate Dressing

Suprasorb® A Dressing A Dressing order codes
Alginate Dressing

Size 10 singles
5 x 5cm 314-7600 ELS443 20440
10 x 10cm 314-7592 ELS444 20441

Suprasorb® A Rope

Alginate Dressing

Suprasorb® A Rope A Rope order codes
Alginate Dressing

Size 5 pieces
30cm 317-7618 ELS445 20445

Suprasorb® A+Ag Dressing

Aliginate + Silver Dressing

Suprasorb® A+Ag Dressing A+Ag Dressing order codes
Aliginate + Silver Dressing

Size 10 singles
5 x 5cm 344-3942 ELS446 20570
10 x 10cm 344-3959 ELS447 20571
10 x 20cm 344-3967 ELS448 20572

Suprasorb® A+Ag Rope

Alginate + Silver Dressing

Suprasorb® A+Ag Rope A+Ag Rope order codes
Alginate + Silver Dressing

Size 5 pieces
30cm 344-3975 ELS449 20573