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Suprasorb® Liquacel

clinical information

Hydroactive Fibre Dressing for exuding wounds

Suprasorb Liquacel is a primary dressing that effectively manages exudate by forming a gel and transferring it to a secondary dressing. It protects the wound edge and can easily be removed in one piece.

  • Effective exudate management assists moist wound healing and the healing process

  • Assists in protecting against maceration of the wound edge and the surrounding skin

  • Easy application and removal in one piece

For the care of acute and chronic superficial or deep wounds with low to high levels of exudate


  • lower leg ulcers

  • pressure ulcers

  • diabetic ulcers

  • 2nd degree burns

  • lacerations, cuts and abrasions

  • traumatic wounds and wounds with a tendency to bleed, e.g. after surgical or mechanical debridement

  • skin graft donor sites

Wound healing stages:

  • Exudation phase

  • Granulation phase

Order codes

Suprasorb® Liquacel Dressing

Hydroactive Fibre Dressing

Suprasorb® Liquacel Dressing Liquacel Dressing order codes
Hydroactive Fibre Dressing

Size 10 singles 5 singles
5cm x 5cm 407-3458 ELY802 33435 - - -
10cm x 10cm 407-3441 ELY803 33436 - - -
15cm x 15cm - - - 407-3466 ELY804 33437

Suprasorb® Liquacel Rope

Hydroactive Fibre Dressing

Suprasorb® Liquacel Rope Liquacel Rope order codes
Hydroactive Fibre Dressing

Size 5 singles
2cm x 45cm 407-3433 ELY805 33438