L&R Medical

Our sustainability statement

We balance our responsibility to be financially successful with our responsibility to the environment, our employees and society at large.

The L&R Group has a long tradition of sustainable actions and corporate responsibility. Based on our brand values, we balance our responsibility to be financially successful with our responsibility to the environment, our employees and society at large.

In the L&R Sustainability Report we transparently describe our commitment in these areas. In addition, in terms of our corporate strategy for sustainability we continually refine the areas where we are actively in dialogue with our internal and external contacts.

Financial Sustainability

We commit ourselves to sustainable corporate development and to meeting our civic responsibilities: financial, social, ecological, ethical and cultural.

The basis for this are internationally recognised societal, cultural and ethical values, the respective applicable laws and standards and our internal compliance guidelines. A policy of equal opportunity, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic or social background, is important to us.

As an autonomous corporate group we ensure our long-term financial success with a policy of strategic growth and proportionate rates of return, which is consistent with the values of a family-run company.

Our products and solutions are appreciated for their quality due to ongoing optimisation that factors in the underlying economic and ecological conditions.

Ecological Sustainability

A clear commitment to protecting our environment is an important guiding principle for our business activities. This policy furthers our tradition while continuously improving our competitiveness.

Acting in an ecologically sustainable manner starts with product development, continues with manufacturing and dispatch and includes the use and disposal of our products.

In all areas of the company we make sure to use resource-conserving processes and production methods, environmentally-friendly materials, and logistics that conserve energy and protect our environment.

We proactively meet this responsibility through systematic optimisation in defined areas, involving all employees and working together with customers, suppliers and service providers.

Social Sustainability

We are committed to acting in a socially responsible manner toward our employees, clients, suppliers and society at large.

The development and qualification of our employees is a key factor for L&R’s long-term success. Our responsibility toward our community also extends to educating and providing advanced training to our customers who directly and indirectly use our products and services.

The health and safety of our employees at their place of work as well as the safety of patients and healthcare professionals when using our products are very important to us.

We also give back to society by offering attractive training positions as well as providing rapid aid in catastrophe and crisis situations and targeted support for selected social causes.