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Lomatuell® Pro

Gel forming wound contact net

In detail

Lomatuell Pro is a wound contact layer consisting of a wide-meshed tulle, impregnated with a polymer matrix which contains with petroleum jelly and hydrocolloid particles, which form a gel on contact with wound exudate to facilitate moist wound healing.

It offers a solution to the challenge of dressings/residue sticking to the wound or wound, which may cause pain and trauma on removal.

Key benefits

  • Gel formation supports moist wound healing
  • Dressing changes are atraumatic and virtually painless
  • Effective transfer of exudate into the secondary dressing
  • Less disturbance of the wound bed: intervals between dressing changes may be extended
  • Conforms well to the contours of the wound bed, meaning all the areas benefit from the moist properties
  • Either side can be applied, eliminating concerns over incorrect application

Features in detail

  • **Wide-mesh tulle carrying the polymer matrix**

Open mesh structure carries the elastic, malleable fixing compound, which contains petroleum jelly and hydrocolloids.

    Wide-mesh tulle carrying the polymer matrix

    Open mesh structure carries the elastic, malleable fixing compound, which contains petroleum jelly and hydrocolloids.

  • **Petroleum jelly**

Moisturises dry wound areas and wound edge

    Petroleum jelly

    Moisturises dry wound areas and wound edge

  • **Hydrocolloid**

Gels on contact with wound exudate and forms a wound contact layer


    Gels on contact with wound exudate and forms a wound contact layer

  • **Secondary dressing**

    Secondary dressing

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Indications for use:

Wounds with no or low levels of exudate, or combined with an appropriate absorbant dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds including: - Chronic wounds e.g. leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers - Acute wounds e.g. lacerations, cuts, abrasions and superficial epidermal and partial thickness burns - Surgical wounds e.g. surgical wounds healing by secondary intention, toenail avulsions and skin graft and donor sites


Do not use if there is a known sensitivity to the product or any of its components.

Wear time:

Up to 7 days. Intervals between dressing changes must be determined by the clinician based on the condition of the wound, level of exudate and secondary dressing.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
10 PACK 5 x 5cm 30870 393-4361 EKA022
10 PACK 10 X 10cm 30871 393-4379 EKA023
10 PACK 10 X 20cm 30872 393-4387 EKA026
10 PACK 10 X 30cm 30873 393-4395 EKA029
50 PACK 10 X 10cm 30874 393-4403 EKA033

Clinical evidence

Effect of non-adhering dressings on promotion of fibroblast proliferation and wound healing in vitro

It was observed that non-adhering dressings like Lomatuell® Pro can prevent damage to newly formed tissue and might thereby positively influence the wound healing outcome.

Author: Wiegand et al
Publication: Harrogate Wounds UK Nov 2015
Date: March 30th, 2017


International multicentre application study to assess a polyester-tulle primary wound dressing with hydrocolloid particles* in terms of usability as well as user and patient satisfaction

The data demonstrated the usability and performance of Lomatuell Pro for various superficial, acute, and chronic wounds

Author: Wolber et al.
Publication: Poster EWMA Madrid 2014
Date: May 4th, 2014


Comparison of the adhesion disposition of conventional and modern wound dressings in vitro

Lomatuell Pro did not exhibit any conglutination in the test which can disrupt the wound bed and destroy newly formed tissue.

Author: C. Wiegand et al.
Publication: 6th International Workshop on Wound Technology (IWWT), 19.-21. January 2014, Paris
Date: March 29th, 2017


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