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Compression hosiery for the treatment of venous conditions without oedema

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Need help putting on Compression Hosiery?

Compression Hosiery can be difficult to put on, particularly if you have limited mobility or hand movement.

ActiGlide application aid may be of help. You can also download our step-by-step application guide watch watch our application video.

ActiGlide Application Aid

Professional resources

Hosiery Self-fitting Guide

Activa compression hosiery helps assist blood flow back to the heart by gently squeezing the legs. Watch the video to help get your compression hosiery on easily.

Recommended e-learning modules

British Standard Compression Hosiery

For the prevention and treatment of venous leg ulcers and associated skin changes of the lower limb.

Two-layer hosiery kits

Two-layer hosiery kits: an effective alternative to compression bandaging for venous leg ulceration.

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