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Kits & Liners

Hosiery kits can be used as a first line treatment for venous leg ulcers safely, effectively and with lower rates of recurrence.
Liners provide low compression when it is clinically indicated.



Kits are a hosiery alternative to bandages for healing leg ulcers.

Two garments are worn one on top of the other. A 10mmHg liner followed by higher a compression stocking. A recent RCT in The Lancet found hosiery kits as effective as 4 layer bandages at healing ulcers.

Benefits of Activa Hosiery Kits over bandaging

  • Normal footwear can be worn.
  • Guaranteed compression levels give peace of mind.
  • The kit is generally worn for a week at a time and at night.
  • Cost effective - guaranteed compression for 3 months.
  • Wound dressings may be worn under the Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit.
  • Patients who pay for their prescriptions only pay one charge per kit.

Not everyone with a leg ulcer is suitable for the hosiery kit and some people may need to wear bandages depending on the size and shape of the leg and ulcer.


Order or prescribe liners


Activa Liners are often layered by wearers who find the lower levels of compression easier to put on. For example two 10mmHg liners would provide 20mmHg* compression.

Liners can also be worn under compression stockings to provide higher levels of compression. For example one 10mmHg liner worn below an Activa British Standard 14-17mmHg garment would provide 25mmHg* compression. The liner forms part of the Activa hosiery kits used to treat venous leg ulcers.

Common questions

  • What ABPI (Doppler measurement) is recommended?

    More than 0.8 and less than 1.2 then the liners can be worn. Less than 0.8 and more than 1.2 then the liners should be used with extreme caution and only under specialist referral and under strict supervision.

  • What needs to be written on the prescription?

    -Quantity: 1 x Activa Liner Pack -Toe style: Open -Size: Large -Pip code if possible: 340-3573

  • Can the liners be machine washed?

    Yes, up to 40 degrees but must not be tumble dried. The liner will maintain its compression for 100 washes. After 3 months of wear a new prescription is required.

  • Can the patient sleep in the liners?

    Yes, they can. The hosiery can be worn for a week at a time in the same way as patients who wear compression bandaging. If the liner is being used with another stocking or other liner, then sometimes wearers remove the top stocking at night and reapply it first thing in the morning.

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