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Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit

The Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit from L&R provides 40mmHg compression for healing leg ulcers without oedema. The two layer kit is suitable for regular shaped limbs and ulcers with low exudate.

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In detail

The Activa leg ulcer hosiery kit is a hosiery alternative to bandages for healing leg ulcers. Two stockings are worn one on top of the other. A 10mmHg liner followed by a below knee, open toed British Standard Class 3 (25-35mmHg). The combined compression allows leg ulcer healing without the bulk of bandages. Suitable post healing for patients with a history of leg ulcer reoccurence.

** Not everyone with a leg ulcer is suitable for the hosiery kit and some people may need to wear bandages depending on the shape of the leg and exudate levels..**

Common questions

  • If a patient applies their stockings in the wrong order, does it matter?

    No. We suggest the liner first, as it enables the high compression stocking to glide on more easily.

  • How many prescription charges does the patient pay?

    One charge is paid for the Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit ( 1 stocking 2 liners) One charge is paid for the pack of 3 liners

  • What needs to be written on the prescription?

    The name of the kit can be written as: 'Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit' or 'Activa Hosiery Kit.' Plus quantity/number of kits. The pharmacist needs to know it is circular knit.

  • Washing Instructions

    The top stocking maintains its compression for 100 washes. It can be hand washed up to 40 degrees but must not be tumble dried. After 3 months of wear a new prescription is required.

  • Can the treatment kit be worn over dressings?

    In evaluations the Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit was worn over dressings without dislodging them etc. However, if a patient has a very large ulcer with copious exudate, bandages would be more appropriate and Actico with a Flexiban padding bandage would be more absorbent.

  • Can the patient sleep in the hosiery kit?

    Yes, they can. The hosiery can be worn for a week at a time in the same way as patients who wear compression bandaging. As the top stocking glides on relatively easily over the liner some patients may wish to remove the top stocking at night and re-apply in the morning.

  • Do some patients only wear the liner?

    The liner gives 10 mmHg of compression and may be suitable for patients where lower compression is indicated. Again, any patient needs a full evaluation, including a doppler asssessment, before wearing any compression hosiery.

  • Is the Hosiery Kit suitable for all patients?

    No, the patient's limb needs to fit into the standard hosiery sizes, a leg may need to be reduced with bandages before it is a suitable size and shape. Patients with large ulcers and heavy exudate would be more suited to bandages.

  • Can normal footwear be worn?

    Yes, in most cases as the hosiery is not bulky. Being able to wear normal shoes is also beneficial at encouraging mobility.

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Ordering codes

Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit

Colour LR code PIP code NHS SC
Small Black/Sand 32675 366-5593 EGD9378
Small Sand/White 88315 311-9021 EGD9437
Medium Black/Sand 32676 366-5601 EGD9379
Medium Sand/White 88316 311-9047 EGD9438
Large Black/Sand 32677 366-5619 EGD9380
Large Sand/White 88317 311-9054 EGD9375
X Large Black/Sand 32678 366-5627 EGD9381
X Large Sand/White 88318 311-9070 EGD9376
XX Large Black/Sand 32679 366-5635 EGD9382
XX Large Sand/White 88319 311-9088 EGD9377

Clinical evidence

Clinical and cost-effectiveness of compression hosiery versus compression bandages in treatment of venous leg ulcers (Venous leg Ulcer Study IV, VenUS IV): a randomised controlled trial

The RCT found leg ulcer hosiery kits (kits from L&R were included in the trial) have equivalent healing rates as 4L bandages and fewer patient whose ulcers healed wearing kits recurred.

Author: Ashby et al
Publication: The Lancet
Date: October 4th, 2015

View article

How can I improve leg ulcer care when faced with increasing service demands?

The question discussed by by Joy is:How can I improve leg ulcer care when faced with increasing service demands?

Author: Joy Tickle, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist
Publication: Journal of Community Nursing
Date: February 1st, 2015


Compression hosiery kits for the treatment of venous leg ulceration

A CPD article on hosiery kits, answering what they are, which patients they suit and the supporting clinical evidence.

Author: Journal of General Practice Nursing
Publication: Journal of General Practice Nursing
Date: May 1st, 2015


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