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How to use Vliwasorb® Pro

Highly conformable dressing for highly exuding wounds

Cleanse the wound as per normal protocol and pat the edges dry - consider Debrisofting™ to remove barriers to healing.

Select the most appropriate shape and size of Vliwasorb® Pro, following assessment of the area to which this will be applied. E.g. if the patient has a leg ulcer on the gaiter region, a rectangular dressing applied up the limb may be most suitable.

Apply the white side of Vliwasorb® Pro to the wound.

In the case of deep wounds (e.g. laparotomy wounds), an appropriate dressing may be laid into the cavity first (e.g. Suprasorb® Ag rope) before applying Vliwasorb® Pro, depending on the wound status.

Ensure appropriate retention of Vliwasorb® Pro to secure the dressing against the wound. Compression systems (e.g. Actico®) may be used. If compression is not required/appropriate then an effective retention bandage should be used.

Vliwasorb® Pro should be changed when the absorbent capacity of the dressing has been reached. This is dependent upon the individual wound condition.

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