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Measuring for compression garments

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In order to work effectively compression hosiery must be the correct size and apply the right amount of pressure to the leg. Remember that some people may feel embarrassed about having their legs measured.

How to measure for compression hosiery

How to measure for ReadyWrap

Always ensure that you:

  • Fully explain the measuring procedure and that the effectiveness of compression hosiery is dependent on the garment being the appropriate size for them.

  • Take them to a private area.

  • Start the measurements at the top of the leg and work your way down, explaining what you are doing. This can help prevent people from becoming concerned about how high up the leg you will be measuring.


  • If they can fit into more than one compression size Activa generally would recommend the smaller size to ensure the most effective compression.

  • If you have a particularly long limb to accommodate, you should recommend the larger size.

  • Weight gain or loss can affect the size required. If they have a problem with swelling they may require ActiLymph hosiery to manage this.