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A Christmas miracle

Liam is on Warfarin therapy and has had a history of venous leg ulceration for the last 8 years.

He describes having a venous leg ulcer as life changing and stopped him from swimming and playing football and cricket. It also stopped him from interacting with his friends as he was not able to join in.

He was in constant fear that his leg was going to break down further or bleed as he had had a number of bleeding episodes in the past.

He was prone to fainting at the sight of blood which he has done many times.

The leg ulcer had a considerable impact on his lifestyle, however, he continued to work full time.

In the summer this year, Liam’s nurse changed his treatment from a combination long-stretch cohesive bandage system to a cohesive short stretch system.

She also implemented a Debrisoft biofilm based treatment regime to expedite wound bed preparation (Morris et al, 2016).

There was a dramatic reduction in leg oedema and improvement in leg shape almost immediately the new bandage system was started.

Liam said that his leg felt much more comfortable, he had less ridging from the bandages, the bandages didn’t slip down and his leg wasn’t as swollen and is a much better shape.

He finds it easier to wear his shoes and socks and nobody notices he has the bandage on!

Things continued to improve over the following months.

This month Liam’s venous leg ulcer has healed. He is still very nervous about this and doesn’t want to tempt fate!

He is looking forward to being able to say confidently he is permanently ulcer free.

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