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Lily's leg

This is Lily* an 86 year old lady with a previous history of venous disease. Lily enjoys a very active and independent lifestyle, and in particular, she loves walking her dog. When Lily was in her garden recently, she dropped a flowerpot and this resulted in a small, but very painful trauma wound on her leg.

Leg wound day 1

Here it is on day 1. As it was just a small wound, Lily put a plaster on it and left it for 3 days.

Leg wound day 3

Lily’s leg on day 3. She reported that her leg felt very sore generally & that the wound was extremely painful.

Lomatuell Pro was applied to the wound. Lily said that she experienced immediate pain relief and comfort with the dressing. She also said that her leg felt much better and she hoped that this might help her sleep better

When reassessed, Lily’s wound showed signs of slough on the wound bed and it was still painful. Her wound was debrided with Debrisoft Lolly to gently remove the slough and then Lomatuell Pro was reapplied to protect the wound & to maintain a healthy moist environment which facilitates effective wound healing.

Leg wound day 14

On day 14 Lily’s wound was reassessed and the wound was showing signs of healing. Lomatuell Pro was reapplied to the wound. Lily’s leg care was managed in accordance with the Best Practice Statement on venous leg ulcers. The guidelines state that, in the absence of arterial disease, Lily’s leg could be managed with compression hosiery < 17mmhg, even in the absence of an ABPI assessment.

Leg wound day 23

Lily’s leg 23 days since she first hurt it in her garden.

A wound contact layer Solvaline N was applied to the wound and a 10mmHg Activa Liner was applied to her leg. Lily was shown how to moisturise her leg and to how to put the liner hosiery on.

Lily was delighted with the speed at which her wound had healed. She had been very fearful about the dressing changes as her leg had been so painful despite the wound being so small.

She had found the Lomatuell Pro dressing so soothing and comfortable from the first application and all the way through the wear time until her wound had healed.

But most of all, Lily was so happy to be able to walk her beloved dog Harvey again.

*not her real name

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