Updated COVID-19 Statement, Oct 20


Staying strong on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic

During this time of uncertainty we are all facing increased challenges, especially nurses who are working long hours on the frontline.

For Community Nurses many new precautions may have been introduced to offer increased protection whilst entering patients homes. While digesting these new changes to daily tasks, it is important to ensure that you take time to look after yourselves. Here are some hints and tips from nurses for staying strong during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Fiona, District Nurse:

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“We check in with each other daily on a video call – partly for handover but mostly to say ‘are you ok’. Another helpful thing has been that when we sign off at the end of our shift we give 3 positive things that happened in our day.”

Try writing these down, what are 3 positives that have happened during your day today?

Elaine, Community Nurse:

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“The most important thing is making sure your mindset is positive. While out on the road I have been listening to L&R’s playlist of feel good favourites to keep my spirits up. We also have handover via video call, and ensure that we check on our employees to make sure they are ok via a team WhatsApp group. Although, it is important to keep your work phone and your personal phone separate.”

Nicola, Leg Ulcer Nurse:

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“Going from working in clinics as part of a small close knit team to lone working in the community and not seeing your colleagues has been tough. As a team we all connect every day at the end of the day for a debrief and chat. This helps with the feelings of isolation and allows us to feel as though we are still working together. We’ve had a Friday night hat party on teams to toast the weekend and ourselves in how we’ve dealt with the ever changing situation. Staying connected through isolation is important to us for the success of our team and our own mental health”.

Liam, Lecturer and District Nurse:

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“Self care is key for all nurses. Take 30 minutes to go for a walk to promote relaxation!”

Reanne, Community Nurse:

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“To help keep spirits up we have been utilising FaceTime to chat. We are currently working in isolation from one another, 6 hours solid on the road, then doing our paperwork in the car. It’s very lonely and not seeing our colleagues is difficult.

In my team we have been using social media to promote our hard work and to keep staff feeling valued. Having a good sense of humor is vital right now. It’s certainly a very challenging time to be a nurse, but ultimately we have a job to do and no matter what we will do it regardless. It’s a virtue, not a single nurse I know would want to be anywhere else right now, some are at high risk themselves but nothing will stop us. We just want to read and hear positive things right now to keep us going. A few tips for DNs working alone..

  • Have plenty of sweeties in the car and goodies for on the road,
  • Make a playlist with happy music to listen to in between visits,
  • Have antibacterial wipes handy to clean the car steering wheel down,
  • Take lots of photos of your journeys, this is for the history books. Document you entire time on the road. One day you’ll look back and think.... wow!!!
  • Lastly be proud of who you are right now, the nation is behind us all.”

From L&R, thank you for everything that you are doing during this time. If you need any further support please visit our resources below:

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