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Supporting you to drive early intervention for the treatment of leg ulcers

When it comes to venous disorders, every moment matters.

That’s why, at L&R, it remains our aim to drive awareness about the importance of timely and effective intervention, and support healthcare organisations to make every moment matter.

Implementing immediate and necessary care in the management of venous leg ulceration is essential in order to achieve the best outcomes for both you and your patient.

The Lower Limb Recommendations from The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (2021), state that immediate care for a patient with a wound on the lower limb prior to a full assessment inclusive of an Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) should include:

  • Wound, skin cleansing and emollient therapy
  • Application of a simple low-adherent dressing with sufficient absorbency
  • Application of mild compression (<20mmHg) if no signs of arterial insufficiency are present*
  • Supported self-care (when appropriate)

*Red flags must be excluded prior to commencing immediate care.

(More information can be found in the NWCS link below)

To support clinicians with easier access to the necessary tools to execute early and appropriate intervention for the treatment of a wound on the lower limb, we have launched...

Early Intervention Packs

A pack of 10 pairs of Activa British Standard Hosiery Class 1

The Early Intervention Pack aims to provide immediate and necessary, off the shelf access to <20mmHg of compression, allowing for immediate treatment when the full holistic assessment is not possible or delayed.

In an aim to support Trusts that have local guidelines incorporating the use of mild compression to prevent delays in treatment, the Early Intervention Packs;

  • Provide immediate care and eliminate delays to intervention
  • Provide easy access to mild compression upon first presentation
  • Aim to prevent further wound deterioration in the absence or delay of a full holistic assessment

In line with these recommendations, if a full holistic assessment, including a vascular assessment (ABPI), cannot be carried out within 24 hours of presenting with a wound, this must be carried out within 14 days.

The Early Intervention Packs are now available via direct supply routes. For more information and to view ordering codes click here.

Download the Lower Limb Guidelines from the National Wound Care Strategy Group

Download the Leg Ulcer Pathway supporting immediate care

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